The Phorecast JCDecaux session heats up!

The two teams spent Wednesday and Thursday locked up in their rooms with the JCDecaux challenge, their minds racing and great ideas formulating. The competition is definitely on!

Today, Friday, you can literally feel the excitement in the air as the two teams put the finishing touches to their presentations that start at 2 p.m..
Stay tuned and see you on the runway!


JCDecaux, first to Phorecast the future!

The two Phorecast teams of innovators for the JCDecaux challenge.

Today, Wednesday March 5th 08, we kick off our very first Phorecast session. We are thrilled to be working with our first client, the Swedish branch of the innovative French company JCDecaux. JCDecaux specializes in out of home media such as billboards, advertising faces at major airports and train stations, outdoor furniture, bus stops and the very successful city bus schemes in Paris, for example. JCDecaux has always been forward thinking, bold and eager to work with new technology, ideas and interesting opportunities. For this company, looking into the future by using a Phorecast session is a perfect fit!Phorecast has put together two multi-disciplinary teams of great innovators for the JCDecaux challenge.

The two competing teams consist of:

  • Mikael Nyström, Design Strategist at Transformator
  • Lena Silberman, former VP Communications at Investor AB, now business and marketing consultant, Silbermanagment
  • Hannes Skirgård, Industrial engineer and owner of Rago
  • Jonas Söderström, Account Planner at the advertising agency Familjen
  • Gitta Wilén, Scriptwriter for interactive media at
  • André Wognum, Creative Director at Wognum Art

The innovators are working with the challenge that JCDecaux has drafted for the Phorecast Session; what is out of home media 2028, and what did JCDecaux do in 2009 to impact this development? The innovators start work today and in three days they will have their ideas and implementation plans ready for presentation. Check back soon to see which team walks away with the first ever Phorecast challenge prize!