Think tank in progress. What will work life be like 2022?

Phorecast Session Day 1 - The Client presents the Challenge: Work life 2022

Yesterday we started a new Phorecast Session (our framework for result-oriented think tanks). This time the end result will be scenarios of work life in Sweden in the year 2022. Our clients AlmegaSaco and Unionen will then use these scenarios as a base for their future strategies.

The first day started with our clients presenting their views on the the challenge and giving some inspirational words of wisdom to the three teams of experts. Among the things our clients pointed out was that the traditional product industry will transition into the biggest new player in the service industry. They also wanted our teams to spend the next days thinking about questions like:

  • How will the reward system evolve from money to other things during the next ten years?
  • How much do we work 2022, work hours and retirement age?
  • How do modern leadership in successful companies look like in 2022?

Next we will present the teams that are working with Work Life 2022.


One comment on “Think tank in progress. What will work life be like 2022?”

  1. Hi,

    Great work. I’m eager to have your final outcomes. Can I have these through email? When shall we have that? Very interesting to learn tomorrow staying in present. 🙂

    Infact, for certain, it is difficult to learn the present as they live in past.

    All the best !!!

    Asima Sadia

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