Juicy Clouds – Future of new games explored

Juicy Clouds

At Phorecast we need to experiment with all the new stuff going on to understand the mechanics of new types of business models. This is why we now have Juicy Clouds in AppStore. Since Phorecast will continue to focus on ideation and innovative concept development we are now part of a game studio venture called Swecial

Juicy Clouds is our way of researching freemium first hand. We encounter many organisations and consultants that talk a big game when it come to do stuff for free to get revenues later, but the only industry that’s really proven that it can be a sustainable business model is the gaming industry.

Our innovation director Tomas Seo who has been extremely hands on in making this game more than just a clone of titles like Candy Crush and Jelly Splash says that he is enormously proud of the game. “It’s a cleaner design, and a better flow than the other casual games out there. In my own opinion as its father of cause. And it is more than just the App since we are hiding secret levels around the Internet for people to collect” he says and smiles.

A lot of our clients need app development (ios and android mostly) after the ideation process is complete so this is our very public way of proving that we do deliver apps. Juicy Clouds is currently number 72 on the Swedish AppStore puzzle game chart.