Phorecast Podcast No 05 – Evan Malone, Fab@Home.

Evan Malone talks about the Fab at Home-project


Imagine a printer that instead of printing with ink on paper deposits droplets of plastic, layer by layer, gradually building up a 3d object of any shape complete with circuit boards, batteries and displays! Now stop imaging, because this printer already exists, it can already now print flashlights and watchbands, and will very soon allow you to print your own customized cell phone or Ipod.

Phorecast has the honor of interviewing Evan Malone from Cornell University, one of the brains behind the Fab@home personal desktop Fabber project.

The Fabber is essentially a revolutionary desktop printer that allows you to build three dimensional objects from plastic and other materials. Together with co-creator Hod Lipson, Evan has printed flashlights, watchbands, squirt bottles, batteries, artificial muscles, even fancy chocolates. On their website Fab@home they teach people how to build their own fabbers and encourage them improve the design and share their blueprints online.

Watch the Fabber print a Flashlight »

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