Phorecast’s Tomas Seo handpicked to move a city!

Phorecast founder Tomas Seo is moving a city.

Wars and natural disasters are just a few of the reasons why people, for generations, have had to relocate from their homes all over the globe. In the Northern part of Sweden the mining industry has continued to expand and an unfortunate side effect has presented itself in several cities, the ground is crumbling. The beautiful town of Gellivare is one of those cities.

City Move Interdesign is a unique global event designed to tackle this pressing issue. The project is a partnership between ICSID, the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (SVID) and the community of Gellivare and it will begin to tackle the enormous challenges that moving an entire population entails for both the inhabitants and for the city itself.

Phorecast founder Tomas Seo has been handpicked to join forty international experts and innovators for this multi-disciplinary project. During a two week think tank, innovators from a vast spread of competencies, will work together towards solving issues such as how to address the needs of people when relocating from their homes, physical conditions when planning a new society, sustainable factors for a new society and much more.

The findings from the City Move Interdesign project will become part of a knowledge bank that can be used in Sweden but also serve as groundwork internationally, for example when relocating populations ravished by political unrest and natural disasters.

International architects, psychologists, artists, engineers are just some of the disciplines joining together in this effort. Designer Tomas Seo has through much of his career worked in multi-disciplinary projects and is a strong believer in this method of collaboration. He is looking forward to contributing to this knowledge bank that will hopefully be of service to both Gellivare, other cites in Sweden and the international community.


Phorecast Podcast No 09 – Suzanne Lee, smart textiles today and in the future

Suzanne Lee talks about smart textiles


In this installment of the Phorecast podcast we focus on smart textiles and we are honored to interview Suzanne Lee. Ms. Lee is the Senior Research Fellow at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, she is a fashion consultant and the author of the book Fashioning the Future, tomorrow’s wardrobe. Her expertise lies in creative applications of new technologies to design and innovative directions for fashion. One of Ms. Lee’s research projects is clothing grown from bacterial-cellulose, to produce a range of Cellulose Couture.

In the interview we also discuss wearable technology and innovations in smart textiles in regards to military and medical applications as well as “the emotional wardrobe”.
Ms. Lee also gives her thoughts on if and how haute couture is embracing smart textiles and what we may soon be seeing on the fashion runways of the future.

See more examples of Suzanne Lee’s cellulose fashion »

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