Phorecast Podcast No 13 – The newspaper industry may be in turmoil but long live investigative reporting!

Richard Tofel  Pro Publica, foto by Lars Klove


On this installment of the Phorecast podcast we meet Mr Richard Tofel, the general manager of Pro Publica is a non profit newsroom with one goal: to produce great investigative reporting.

Today, there is no escaping the headlines that newspapers are dying, advertising revenue has dried up and venerable newspapers are scrambling, downsizing or going web-only. Investigative journalism is expensive and often the first to go when times are tough. There is a flurry of discussion about new business models to save the industry be it micropayments or philanthropic ventures like

Pro Publica is funded by grants and works like this; the newsroom has a staff of around 30 top investigative reporters, they produce reporting and it is then given, not sold, to news outlets such as the New York Times, the LA Times, CNN and CBS 60 minutes. All the reporting is also available for free on the site.

Mr Richard Tofel was formerly the assistant publisher of The Wall Street Journal and he has authored several books including Restless Genius: Barney Kilgore, The Wall Street Journal, and the Invention of Modern Journalism (St. Martin’s, 2009)

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Phorecast Podcast No 12 – We need to teach our kids skills, not subjects! Interview with education expert Mr. Randall Fielding

Randall Fielding innovates education world wide


Phorecast is honored for the opportunity to interview Mr Randall Fielding. Mr Fielding is a world renowned architect and educator who has developed award winning schools all over the world. Randall is the co-founder of Fielding Nair International based in Minneapolis, one of the world’s most innovative educational design companies.

Mr Fielding has worked with schools in Minneapolis, Kazakhstan, Australia and Switzerland, to name just a few places, and his focus is on creative and interactive 21st century learning spaces. In this interview we talk to Mr Fielding about what the problems are with todays school system and environment and how we can engage and create innovative schools to prepare kids for the new requirements of the knowledge age. And we find out how Prince has been an interesting inspiration in this field!

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Phorecast Podcast No 02 – Mr Richard Seymour

Interview with Richard Seymour


He’s designed everything from kettles to helicopters, bras and spaceships. This week on the Phorecast Podcast we are honored to interview one of the worlds most innovative and well-known product designers, Mr Richard Seymour. What really sets Mr Seymour , the director and co-founder of Seymourpowell, apart is his unique perspective on innovation and forecasting the future.

Based in London, Seymourpowell formed in 1984 and started in grand style by creating the worlds first cordless kettle for Tefal in 1985. Their client list includes Ford, Nokia, Guinnes, Casio and their latest project, Virgin Galactics privateer spacecraft.

Making things better for people is Mr. Seymours credo. He is always pushing the boundaries of expectation. We are very happy to have Mr. Seymour with us on the episode where we discuss innovation, the power of creativity and some of his most exciting projects.

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Picture of the innovative floating in air hotel The Clipper mentioned in the podcast »

At Phorecast we specialize in finding and customizing multidisciplinary teams of innovators and experts into sessions working for your organizations future. We are always looking for the most interesting innovators and we wanted to share some of the people that have really inspired us with their ideas and creativity. The Phorecast podcast enables us do just that! Thanks for listening and we would love to hear your comments, questions and innovative ideas.