Phorecast Podcast No 03 – Jessica Jackley Flannery co-founder of

Interview with Jessica Jackley Flannery co-founder of


Phorecast is honored for the opportunity to interview Jessica Jackley Flannery. Jessica is the co-founder of the non-profit organization, the world’s first international person-to- person micro-lending site.

Kiva is the internet sensation that allows people from all over the world to finance entrepreneurs in developing countries through a simple web transaction. For as low as 25 dollars a lender can help finance a family owned clothing store in Uganda, a fruit stand in Bolivia or a brick maker in Kenya! In just a few short years Kiva has funded more than 30,000 loans. The organizations innovative method works by collaborations with micro-finance institutions around the world, called Field Partners. These MFIs find, supply the funds from the Kiva lenders around the world and work as support system for the entrepreneurs to grow and flourish., which has been featured on Oprah, the Today Show and in former president Clinton’s book Giving, is the perfect example of how an innovative idea and the power of internet really can change the world!

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