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Every organization’s road to the future is different, so are our teams. Other consulting firms can not always guarantee you their best consultants who may be tied up at that particular time. They also work in their specific fields so you will not get the broader range of innovators and experts that we offer. Phorecast’s unique business model ensures that you get teams of proven innovators from every discipline ready to innovate anytime. Here is how we select them.

The Phorecast Team Customization

The Brief

The Brief is a summary of your company’s growth potential and the basis for headhunting the most relevant innovators for you.

Phorecast is continuously forecasting new trends, creativity and innovation throughout the world to find gaps in the market and generate ideas on how this will lead to new opportunities for your company.

Headhunting for the right Innovators

Depending on the direction your company wishes to evolve Phorecast will handpick interesting people that may have special knowledge in your particular field. For example if you are starting a sports related company or event Phorecast will procure a sports legend in business or the actual sport for that specific insight that only this expert can deliver.

The teams are handpicked and customized by Phorecast to directly suit the needs and desired outcome of the innovation plan. The teams can be a varied mix of relevant innovators and experts such as; designers, management consultants, a scientist, PR consultants, marketing executives, television producers, a chef, an artist, a project manager, advertising executives, a psychologist, an innovative internet start-up, a biologist, business consultants etc. As well as experts in various fields: IT, design, media, advertising, marketing, fashion etc.

Our method looks at other industries, very different for yours, to see how their innovative thinking has led to success. We then apply this to your field. For example, what can a dentist learn from a successful spa.

You can expect to find that the Phorecast innovators have traditional consulting backgrounds from firms such as BCG or McKinsey, but they can also be self made serial entrepreneurs, a Nobel prize winning scientist or creative minds relevant to your organization’s future.

The Two Teams

After the headhunting process is complete the two teams of equal power are ready to compete.

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Why do top innovators appreciate the Phorecast method?

Innovative people work best when in the most creative, challenging and fun circumstances. The Phorecast method allows top innovators to take a break from their other projects, join their peers in a think-tank type of environment. This is incredibly stimulating for everyone involved and an opportunity that isn’t often available. The competition aspect adds to the creative process and innovators thrive under pressure.

Most importantly, all the creative people we have contacted so far want to be involved with new ideas and they chose Phorecast.

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