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After the selection of your two teams of innovators they begin generating ideas on how to best take advantage of your organization’s new found opportunities. Three days later each team delivers an easy to follow, step by step plan for you to mix and match as you implement innovation into your organization.

The Phorecast Session

The Phorecast Session

During the three day process the customized teams of innovators compete in developing the most successful innovation plan for you. Here is a brief day-by-day outline of a session:

Wednesday: the client’s representative briefs the innovators on the company’s/organization’s history, culture and future goals and the teams begin.

Thursday: the innovators work with the session. Continues updates and discussions are held between the innovators and Phorecast.

Friday: the teams present their respective innovation plans for evaluation by your company and the Phorecast staff. The winning team is selected and receives a bonus.

The Innovation plans presented to your company are ready for implementation and, regardless of which team selected as the winner, you own both plans and are free to mix and match. The plan will insure the growth of your company in the directions most desired and applicable.

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Can my company really get the best results in just 3 days?

The Phorecast session has many benefits, one of the best being the 3 day session. This allows your company to get the absolute top consultants and innovators in their fields that otherwise can not be tied up for many months. It is an exciting new way for the innovators to work with other top innovators under pressure, which always proves to be the most creative. We believe that taking longer that the 3 day sessions an outdated method.
In today’s world, ideas and planning do not take time, time is best spent during the implementation process.

Why is the competition element of a session beneficial to my company?

The competition element of the Phorecast method ensure maximum creativity from the innovators. These top thinkers and creators thrive under pressure and will always deliver the best ideas under these circumstances.

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