Director of Marketing

As the Director of Marketing you are always looking for ways of forecasting the future of your organization to find:

  • new markets
  • new advertising avenues
  • forecast distribution innovations
  • create new products or services
  • launch new product/campaign
  • alter existing perceptions organization or form new ones
  • gain the competitive advantage

With a Phorecast session and innovation plan you will clearly be able to forecast and anticipate your customers future needs and wants and proceed accordingly.

This is how the Phorecast method will work for you:

1. What is your innovation potential?

Phorecast’s first step is to analyze your growth areas, researching new market potential and your innovation needs. Phorecast then customizes two teams of the leading consultants who will compete in a session to produce your optimal innovation plan.

2. The Phorecast session.

The teams of consultants are customized exclusively based on the needs of your company. For example, if you are looking to acquire new customers from a different market segment the right expert on this new market area will be part of the team.
The teams will have three days to put together your innovation plan which will be ready for implementation.

The 3 day sessions are closely followed and receive continuous input from Phorecast’s staff and your company’s marketing heads.

The sessions provide a new environment of maximum creativity and stimulation for the innovation teams.

3. Your pay-off.

An innovation plan drafted by the best in the business, customized specifically for your needs and ready for implementation.

Phorecast is the most cost- and time efficient method of generating new business.

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