If you have a particular area of expertise and consider yourself an innovative, idea person please send us an email with some background so we can get in touch!

Innovators, we are looking for you! You are the most important part of the Phorecast sessions. We are always looking for new, brilliant minds to join us in our three day sessions aimed to bring innovation to all kinds of exciting organizations.

At Phorecast we customize teams for each of our clients consisting of the best and brightest innovators and experts in their fields. We believe in using multi-disciplinary teams, ensuring that our innovators can learn and benefit from other innovators great knowledge. The sessions are highly motivating and exciting exercises in innovative thinking. The sessions are also a great opportunity for our innovators to network and grow.

Phorecast has a large network of international innovators from all areas. One of our main daily focuses at the company is forecasting new and interesting Our innovators come from both traditional consulting backgrounds, PR and marketing for example, as well as experts from various fields like technology, exciting new start-ups, the leading names in academia, researchers and leaders. We work diligently at combining the best mix of innovators to most benefit out clients. If you want to be on our shortlist of innovators please send your résumé to


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