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A career with Phorecast

The Phorecast philosophy is just as much about learning and developing yourself as our clients. Our innovators and staff have diverse academic and professional backgrounds. They have all started or been involved in developing new innovative projects and businesses. They share a common interest in immersing themselves in new projects, innovations and forecasting the future.

Forecasting is a method of predicting future outcomes. In business it applies to all areas from development, product awareness to trend analysis.
As an innovator with Phorecast you are asked to bring and apply your expertise to the process. You will in turn have access to a uniquely creative and stimulating environment and have a front row seat to the biggest innovations in the marketing arena.

The modern work-place

Our innovators are hired on a project basis, a three day intensive think tank. You will collaborate with the best innovators in a highly competitive and fast-paced session. Expect sweat, blood, tears and laughs.

The Person:
* You consider yourself to be innovative.
* You like science and you define yourself as an academic person.
* You have a healthy balance between documenting and refining your process on how to do stuff and just doing it.
* You have enthusiasm for helping clients, not just closing deals.
* You think that having a life is good for business.

Our innovators are contracted on a session-by-session basis. Phorecast and our innovators have worked with, among others, these companies:

Boston Consulting Group, Berghs School of Communication, Chanel, Diligentia, Dabrowski TV, Efti, Ericsson, H&M, Investor, Ogilvy, McKinsey, SVT, Swedish Armed Forces, TV4, VM-data


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