Our people

Tomas Seo, Founder and Innovation Director

All of Tomas Seo’s combined experiences in fields like behavior science, marketing strategy and design, led Tomas to developing the Phorecast method in 2007. With a long background as a consultant in different disciplines Mr. Seo has found that all of the most innovative problems solving comes from combining and coaching the right mix of people. The Phorecast method focus on this by predicting the future and how to match foreseen future challenges with a good mix of freelance team members. In a fast paced world we need experts willing to make magic in the time it used to take just to create the first presentation.

The Phorecast idea is simple and effective: give your innovators and consultants the right motivations and a new, modern and compeitive environment and the best ideas will come out. The most innovative people today can’t stand to go to an office every day and are highly stimulated by new ideas and creative talent. When this became apparent Tomas concluded that the modern company wasn’t longer helped effectively by one specific type of consultants under a longer period of time. Rather it is a highly motivated multi-disciplinary group of people, customized exactly for that client, working under competitive circumstances.

Christina Jeurling, Co-founder and Executive Producer

Christina Jeurling is an experienced television producer and has worked with some of Sweden’s most important and popular productions. Christina Jeurling has spent ten years as chief editor for many one-on-one interviews with world leaders, dignitaries, celebrities and artists. She has also worked on several talk show formats as well as been a reporter on documentaries and reportages on Swedish National Television and TV4.

Christina draws from her production experience during the Phorecast sessions and with work on the site and the Phorecast podcast. She will also oversee the deadlines, production aspects and content.

Suzanne Hamilton, Production Manager

Suzanne Hamilton has spent over a decade working in radio, television and film. She is one of Sweden’s most experienced production managers and has lead projects ranging from smaller music videos to large scale television productions. Between 1997 – 2007 Suzanne worked with some of Sweden’s most prominent television programs at EFTI including the talk show Late Night with Luuk and the Swedish Grammys. She recently wrapped production as the Post Production Producer on her first major motion picture. Suzanne is also realizing a personal dream and studying to become a midwife parallel to her work at Phorecast.


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