Phorecast uncovers the 5th screen in Germany

Phorecast will speak at The 5th screen think tank, held by Trend One

Tomas Seo and Christina Jeurling of Phorecast are heading to Berlin on August 13th to speak at and lead The 5th screen think tank at the IDZ International Design Center. The think tank is organized by the Hamburg based trend research company Trendone and will be exploring the future evolution of the screen and the innovations of the future. First there was Cinema-TV-PC/Web-Mobile-  what is the screen of tomorrow? What is the 5th screen?

The list of keynote speakers is an impressive list of international innovators presenting their new technology and business models. On the topic of Augmented Reality we will hear from Arun Chhabra of Texas Instruments. Reinhard Rubow, the Director of Retina Implant AG Reutlingen will introduce his eye chip and talk about artificial vision. Other presentations will include Philips Gerrit Willem Prins on wearable technology and talks on the Enduring Community.

Phorecast will hold a presentation entitled The Screen Savers where we will talk about the benefits of multidisciplinary teams and conclusions on how to succeed when introducing the next generation of screen technology to the mainstream public. Phorecast’s Tomas Seo will then lead the think tank portion of the event where all the speakers and attendants will take part.

We are looking forward to this interesting event!


Phorecast Podcast No 08 – Dean Roger Martin, author of The Opposable Mind

Dean Roger Martin, author of The Opposable Mind


On this installment of the Phorecast podcast we are honored to interview Mr. Roger Martin. Mr. Martin has served as dean of the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto since 1998. Previously he spent 13 years as a Director of Monitor Company, a global strategy consulting firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he served as co-head of the firm for two years.

His research work is in Integrative Thinking, Business Design, Corporate Social Responsibility and Country Competitiveness. He has written seven Harvard Business Review articles and published two books among them: The Opposable Mind: How Successful Leaders Win Through Integrative Thinking. In it Martin interviewed a variety of business leaders including the founder of Four Seasons Hotels Isadore Sharp, Procter and Gamble’s CEO A. G. Lafley, co-founder of Red Hat Inc. Bob Young, Michael Dell, Jake Welsh and Meg Whitman, of eBay fame. He found that their one common skill was being able to employ integrative thinking.

In the interview we discuss the power of design thinking in the business world, what risks leaders have to take and answer the question, why has the renaissance man of yesterday now become the multidisciplinary renaissance team.

Dean Roger Martin received his MBA from the Harvard Business School in 1981.

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At Phorecast we specialize in finding and customizing multidisciplinary teams of innovators and experts into sessions working for your organizations future. We are always looking for the most interesting innovators and we wanted to share some of the people that have really inspired us with their ideas and creativity. The Phorecast podcast enables us do just that! Thanks for listening and we would love to hear your comments, questions and innovative ideas.