The Future Requires Multi-Disciplinary Skilled Teams

Phorecast Session Day 2 - The Experts

It’s day two of the Phorecast Session Work Life in 2022 and by now our teams have had the chance to present them self to each other, it’s part of our process that they haven’t met before, so it’s about time we present them properly.


Kerstin Bergh
Vice-chairman Civilekonomerna (The Swedish Association of Graduates in Business Administration and Economics). She has a background from the Sahlén shipowning company, currently managing the internal economy department Master Data at the Nordea bank.

Alexander Culafic
Creative Director, Kollektivet Livet. Jack-of-all-trades, working with advertising, digital projects and events. Also engaged in summer camps for the handicapped and adolescents with social problems.

Jonas Hurtigh Grabe
Business- and office concept developer at the real estate company Diligentia, working with construction projects and office solutions in their Future Lab. In the past Jonas has been an entrepreneur in the housing sector and he has also worked in IT and advertising.


Björn Ekblom
Formerly industrial engineer at Unisource, currently at Eltel Networks Infranet, working full time for Unionen, the biggest Swedish private sector trade union, where he works primarily with labour legislation.

Lennart Eng
Illustrator, artist, graphic designer and teacher. Chairman of Svenska Tecknare, (The Association of Swedish illustrators and Grapic designers), member of the boards of Sveriges Författarfond (fund for book authors) and Svenska Barnboksinstitutet (The Swedish Institure for Children’s Books).

Anna Lundbergh
Senior Business Analyst at Skånetrafiken (regional public transport body). She has previously worked with analysis, strategy and e-government as Strategic Development Officer in Government agencies, at the OECD and for the research and consulting firm Kairos Future.


Daniel Byström
Industrial designer with his own studio Design Nation. He teaches design and strategy at Jönköpings Tekniska Högskola (Jönköping School of Engineering) Daniel was involved in the CityMove, a project investigating how to move a the city Gällivare in the north of Sweden.

Lars Lundqvist
Former archaeologist, department manager at Riksantikvarieämbetet (The Swedish National Heritage Board) with a focus on developing user friendly e-services and social media as tools for accessing cultural heritage information.

Eva Ribbenhall
Master in Business Economics, with a background in excecutive management positions at IKEA, various companies in the media sector and at the corporate health care company Previa. She also has experience from recruitment o executive level managers and specialists. Currently consultant, interim manager for organisations in need of change.

When we headhunt participants for our think tank teams, we search both for individual expertise and a way to mix people with really different backgrounds and characters into effective teams. We are convinced that interesting combinations of people enable interesting solutions. If you want to be considered as a Phorecast Session participant you can read more about our recruiting process and apply here


Congratulations Tomas!

Phorecast founder Tomas Seo

We congratulate Tomas here at Phorecast who was just named an Honorary Lifetime Member by The Swedish Association of Designers!

Tomas served as chairman of the association between 2005-2008. The Swedish Association of Designers (Sveriges Designer) is a trade organization for professional designers based in Sweden. During his years as chairman membership grew substantially and his contributions include working for multi-disciplinary thinking among designers and seeing new business opportunities in openness and cooperations.

Tomas is in excellent company, other Honorary Lifetime Members of The Swedish Association of Designers include Margareta van den Bosch, chief designer at H&M and Henrik Otto, senior Vice President of Global Design, Electrolux!


Phorecast uncovers the 5th screen in Germany

Phorecast will speak at The 5th screen think tank, held by Trend One

Tomas Seo and Christina Jeurling of Phorecast are heading to Berlin on August 13th to speak at and lead The 5th screen think tank at the IDZ International Design Center. The think tank is organized by the Hamburg based trend research company Trendone and will be exploring the future evolution of the screen and the innovations of the future. First there was Cinema-TV-PC/Web-Mobile-  what is the screen of tomorrow? What is the 5th screen?

The list of keynote speakers is an impressive list of international innovators presenting their new technology and business models. On the topic of Augmented Reality we will hear from Arun Chhabra of Texas Instruments. Reinhard Rubow, the Director of Retina Implant AG Reutlingen will introduce his eye chip and talk about artificial vision. Other presentations will include Philips Gerrit Willem Prins on wearable technology and talks on the Enduring Community.

Phorecast will hold a presentation entitled The Screen Savers where we will talk about the benefits of multidisciplinary teams and conclusions on how to succeed when introducing the next generation of screen technology to the mainstream public. Phorecast’s Tomas Seo will then lead the think tank portion of the event where all the speakers and attendants will take part.

We are looking forward to this interesting event!


JCDecaux, first to Phorecast the future!

The two Phorecast teams of innovators for the JCDecaux challenge.

Today, Wednesday March 5th 08, we kick off our very first Phorecast session. We are thrilled to be working with our first client, the Swedish branch of the innovative French company JCDecaux. JCDecaux specializes in out of home media such as billboards, advertising faces at major airports and train stations, outdoor furniture, bus stops and the very successful city bus schemes in Paris, for example. JCDecaux has always been forward thinking, bold and eager to work with new technology, ideas and interesting opportunities. For this company, looking into the future by using a Phorecast session is a perfect fit!Phorecast has put together two multi-disciplinary teams of great innovators for the JCDecaux challenge.

The two competing teams consist of:

  • Mikael Nyström, Design Strategist at Transformator
  • Lena Silberman, former VP Communications at Investor AB, now business and marketing consultant, Silbermanagment
  • Hannes Skirgård, Industrial engineer and owner of Rago
  • Jonas Söderström, Account Planner at the advertising agency Familjen
  • Gitta Wilén, Scriptwriter for interactive media at
  • André Wognum, Creative Director at Wognum Art

The innovators are working with the challenge that JCDecaux has drafted for the Phorecast Session; what is out of home media 2028, and what did JCDecaux do in 2009 to impact this development? The innovators start work today and in three days they will have their ideas and implementation plans ready for presentation. Check back soon to see which team walks away with the first ever Phorecast challenge prize!