When does my company or organization need the services of Phorecast?

If your company or organization is open to a cutting edge innovation process and wants to take strides into new markets, business areas, products and/or change existing perceptions of your business then it is the right moment for a Phorecast session.
Phorecast works with a new approach by customizing teams of innovators and consultants and if you are open to new processes we guarantee an innovation plan for your company that will fulfill your future goals and aspirations.

What does my company or organization get when using Phorecast?

Phorecasts process will ultimately present your company with an innovation plan ready for implementation. The plan, devised after careful consideration of your company’s needs and wants, is put together by two exclusively combined teams of innovators. The plan will insure the growth of your company in the directions most desired and applicable, new markets for your existing products and services or new products and services for your existing markets and a clear picture of how your product, services or organization can become its most innovative self.
Phorecast can also guarantee a think-tank environment that will bring new ideas to the company and boast creativity to the maximum.

Can my company really get the best results in just 3 days?

The Phorecast session has many benefits, one of the best being the 3 day session. This allows your company to get the absolute top consultants and innovators in their fields that otherwise can not be tied up for many months. It is an exciting new way for the innovators to work with other top innovators under pressure, which always proves to be the most creative. We believe that taking longer then the 3 day sessions an outdated method.
In today’s world, ideas and planning do not take time, time is best spent during the implementation process.

Why is the competition element of a session beneficial to my company?

The competition element of the Phorecast method ensure maximum creativity from the innovators. These top thinkers and creators thrive under pressure and will always deliver the best ideas under these circumstances.

Why do top innovators appreciate the Phorecast method?

Innovative people work best when in the most creative, challenging and fun circumstances. The Phorecast method allows top innovators to take a break from their other projects, join their peers in a think-tank type of environment. This is incredibly stimulating for everyone involved and an opportunity that isn’t often available. The competition aspect adds to the creative process and innovators thrive under pressure.
Most importantly, all creative people want to be involved in new ideas and they chose Phorecast.

How does Phorecast chose the innovators for my company’s session?

Together with your company or organization Phorecast will evaluate your needs, main goals and directions. Phorecast will then recruit top innovators from the fields most beneficial to your company’s desired result, the optimal innovation plan. Phorecast will exclusively assign expert innovators from marketing, PR, design, risk capital, business consultants, television, web-experts. The innovators will be split up into two crack teams with equal power.
Depending on the direction your company wishes to evolve Phorecast will handpick interesting people that may have special knowledge in your particular field. For example if you are starting a sports related company or event Phorecast will procure a sports legend in business or the actual sport for that specific insight that only this expert can deliver.

What can a session look like?

After the initial briefings about your company and the customized selection of the innovators they will be split into two teams. Early in the week they will receive all relevant materials pertaining to your company’s business history etc
Wednesday: The company market-head will hold a briefing for the teams and they will start their work immediately following.
You can also chose to have an exclusive lecture by a relevant personality supplied by Phorecast on Wednesday morning.
Your company will meet once with the teams for short, individual briefings and updates.
The innovators work continues on Thursday.
On Friday the teams present their respective innovation plans for evaluation by your company and the Phorecast staff.
The winning plan is selected.
Your company is free to take material from both plans.

What kind of extra packages can we consider for a session?

Some the worlds most important and known business executives, leaders and creators can be an added bonus to your Phorecast session. Their lecture will not only increase creativity in your own company but also provide guidelines and input to the innovation teams. The lecture names will speak directly to and for your company and organization and impart their knowledge for the benefit of your growth.


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